Brush Manufacturers Serving Nebraska

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Omaha, NE  |  800-800-6940

What started as a one-person commitment to quality continues today as one of the industry leaders in brush manufacturing for laboratory, medical, scientific, industrial and food service industries. Since 1929, Justman Brush has maintained a tradition of manufacturing industry specific OEM and custom brush products of the highest quality. Using quality materials and dedicated workmanship, Justman Brush will meet your expectations as an American Brush Manufacturer located in the USA. As an ISO 9001-2015 Registered Company, you can trust Justman Brush Company adhere to industry standards and regulations.

We stock over 2,500 standard and specialty brushes, including tube brushes in brass and stainless steel wire; nylon brushes; deburring drill brushes; scrub brushes, utility block brushes, and many more brushes in a variety of sizes and materials. With the acquisition of Tucel Industries in 2017, Justman Brush now manufactures metal-free fused brushes specifically designed for food service and food production industries. With a reduced risk of bacteria buildup and contamination, our fused technology brushes are made with FDA approved materials and come in 5 colors to comply with internal HACCP programs. As we continue to improve and expand our food service lines, we also produce a wide variety of color-coded scrub brushes for cleaning kitchen equipment and work areas, and we offer the largest selection of hygienic color-coded tube brushes available. Brooms, squeegees, tank brushes, counter dusters, Teflon fryer brushes, shake machine brush kits, pastry and basting brushes are also part of our fusion-technology food service line.

Justman Brush is an ISO 9001-2015 Registered Manufacturer. Visit our website to view our full collection of food service brushes.


Companies Serving Near Nebraska

Great Bend, KS  |  800-227-2961

The Custom Brush Division of the Fuller Brush Co. supplies a wide variety of markets with high-quality industrial custom brushes. These versatile and efficient products include coil brushes, cylinder brushes (straight strip and spiral brushes) and brush strips up to 144", to name a few.


Lenexa, KS  |  800-851-5108

United Rotary Brush Corporation is a brush manufacturer producing industrial brushes and brooms. Among our product offerings are wafer brushes (poly, poly and wire mixed, wire filled brushes); fruit and vegetable brushes; cotton gin and stripper brushes; plus specialty and custom brushes.

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