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Brushes are a vital part of industrial, commercial and consumer markets. Through several different designs and a multitude of materials for the bristles, brushes are capable of a number of purposes. The most common form of brush seen on a daily basis is a broom. However, brushes can be designed into narrow, soft and flexible brushes, like that of an artist brush. Or, into a rigid finishing and resurfacing brush, that is known as a wire brush. Some other brushes include bottle brushes that are typically used for cleaning bottles or machinery. Another would be a strip brush, used at the bottom of a door or in machinery to tighten seals or block out unwanted particles from reaching the opposite side. Regardless, brushes are an integral part of day-to-day life and industry.

In order to have the best results for a job it is important to know what shape and design is necessary for the job. Each one has a specific purpose. Brushes variety in shapes includes, but is not limited to: round, bottle, flat, filbert, spiral, angle, bright, rigger, wheel, liner, scripts, cylinder, stripper, fan, stave, mop, dagger and egbert. The proper design for brushes is the first step when considering a job. Many manufacturers have a full line of standard brushes, but may also be willing to engineer a brush from scratch for a customized need. Cleaning brushes need to be designed for sweeping floors or dusting fragile equipment, but the same brush would not be applicable to both applications. Depending on the construction of the job a brush may need to fit into an object, so a spiral brush could be the solution. For surface brushing a wheel brush may be the best design.

Next, the material that a brush is made out of can be very soft in the case of goat hair which is a fine and soft animal hair with short trim. On the contrary, steel brushes made of oil tempered wire, also called flat wire is a stiff, resilient brush used on machinery. Every brush is designed on basic criterion for specific jobs and fabricated for a light, intermediate or heavy duty purpose. Most brushes are designed to be used by hand for general or high detailed applications. Some however, like more resilient materials such as nylon or tuft metal wire can be attached to machines for deburring, surfacing or cleaning parts. The versatility of brushes makes them a high demand necessity for industry and consumers alike.

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